Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Just now reading about the quake near D. C. Hope everyone from that area is okay.


Randy Johnson said...

Doesn't seem to be any damage or injures reported so far. Living a few miles from the Virginia line, I was sitting here at the computer, music playing while I did same, when things started to move. I didn't get much though. A niece across town said things jumped off the shelf. My folks on the next street over said they felt nothing.

Jerry House said...

It shook the car a bit when we were leaving the bank. My daughter said her house shook a bit and my granddaughter was upset.

Friends thirty-five miles from the epicenter had boxes and china cabinets shaken loose, but nothing broken. Again, younger kids were nervous.

They closed some public buildings around here. Some people are waiting for aftershocks. No biggies.

Fred Blosser said...

Rumble and tremor in my office in D.C., Southwest. According to my wife, our house in Fairfax shook and things fell off the walls but didn't sound like any real damage occurred.

Anonymous said...

We definitely felt it here in Brooklyn, and a chimney collapsed at the Red Hook Houses. It was definitely an interesting experience.


Maxie Ann said...

Happy to hear all is fine!