Monday, June 27, 2011

Me, Me, Me

You might have noticed that I've been plugging my own books lately. I should have been doing more of that all along, but somehow my intention of becoming the bestselling writer on the planet keeps getting sidetracked.

Anyway, today I'm starting the big publicity blitz for The Wild Hog Murders, the latest Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery, which is hitting the streets on July 5.

You can pre-order it here if you like Amazon, or if you want to support an independent bookseller, Murder by the Book in Houston will have signed copies available on July 6. Even better, you could drop by the store at 6:30 P. M. on July 5 and get your copy signed in person. Such a deal!

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Anonymous said...

Dang, Texas is a long ways away. Well, when you go on tour to California, let us all know!