Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Never Thought of Books as Gadgets

Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (or Not)


Anonymous said...

The more high tech you are, the more this column might make sense, but it's obvious by reading between the lines (if that's not oxymoron-ish) that much of this advice only applies if you don't care about audio, video or image quality. I care about all of those. And no, I'm NOT going to give up my desktop iMac with it's 27 inch monitor

Brent McKee said...

Actually it doesn't make much sense at all particularly if you live outside of the United States. So many of the services that this character touts - like Hulu - are only available in the United States. Smart Phones are nice, but I'm not in a position to afford the data plan on one, not to mention that I'm leery of multi-purpose gadgets in general.

Oh and as far as books goes, an ebook reader is fine, right up to the moment when the battery dies and you're far from a place where you can recharge it.