Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solomon Burke, R. I. P.

Solomon Burke, 70, dies as he jets to gig | The Sun |Showbiz|Music: "SIXTIES soul sensation SOLOMON BURKE died on a plane yesterday as he flew to perform a concert.
Horrified airline staff on the flight from Los Angeles discovered the veteran singer's body when they landed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

The part-time preacher, 70 - who wrote the Blues Brothers hit Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - was said to have died of natural causes.

In an internet message to fans, relatives said: 'This is a time of great sorrow for our entire family. Although our hearts and lives will never be the same, his love, life and music will continue to live within us forever.'"


Dan said...

Donca feel like cryin'?

Gerard said...

A great singer. I first heard about him when his fantastic 'comeback' album, Don't Give Up on Me, came out.

I feel sorry for the guys who had to lug the big guy's 300+ pounds out of the airplane.