Sunday, October 03, 2010

John Lithgow: Stories by Heart

Judy and I saw this who last night in Galveston and had a wonderful time.

John Lithgow: Stories by Heart - Review - Theater - New York Times: "Simply put, the triumph of successful acting is the audience’s belief that the falseness onstage is true.

A man playing an Edwardian battle-ax, for example, can usually seek refuge in a concealing gown and hat. But what if that man is wearing a suit and an open-neck shirt? What if he is portraying 11 characters, including the battle-ax and a parrot? And what if he is so persuasive that it never occurs to you that he is John Lithgow?"


Todd Mason said...

Lithgow on the comedy/quiz podcast DOUG LOVES MOVIES, mentioning his tour of Texas and points south:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link, Todd!