Saturday, August 14, 2010

Top 5 Laziest Grocery Store Items

Top 5 Laziest Grocery Store Items - Houston Restaurants and Dining - Eating Our Words


Anonymous said...

OK - guilty. We do buy so-called "baby carrots" at times.


Bill Crider said...

So do we. As a rich and famous writer, I can afford to pay for convenience. Especially when Judy tells me to.

Anonymous said...

Jackie says "we have DI" - Disposable Income.


Deb said...

It's not just having disposable income, it's having disposable time. It's worth my time to NOT have to grate cheese--especially if I'm making quesadillas or nachos for a snack or quick meal. Also, I love the baby carrots for the kids' lunch boxes.

But, yeah, the pb&j sandwiches seem to be taking it a bit far.