Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Very Interesting Take

Scott Adams Blog: The Adams Theory of Content Value 06/01/2010: "I predict that the profession known as 'author' will be retired to history in my lifetime, like blacksmith and cowboy. In the future, everyone will be a writer, and some will be better and more prolific than others. But no one will pay to read what anyone else creates. People might someday write entire books - and good ones - for the benefit of their own publicity, such as to promote themselves as consultants, lecturers, or the like. But no one born today is the next multi-best-selling author. That job won't exist."

Read it all at the link.

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Brian Drake said...

I respectfully disagree, but this argument has been going on for weeks ever since you-know-who announced you-know-what and it seems every "established" author is turning into chicken little, so I'll just leave it at "I disagree" and drift.