Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day 2010 Is Centennial: How Did It Start?: "As Father's Day hits its centennial on June 20, 2010, sons and daughters around the world are expected to open their wallets wider—slightly—in celebration. Because of the slowly recovering global economy, people are expected to spend about 4 percent more than in 2009 on cards, ties, tools, clothes, and other Father's Day gifts.

But the first Father's Day, a hundred years ago, was decidedly humbler, and refreshingly noncommercial."


Anonymous said...

Hope you get a cool hat like that for Father's Day, Bill.

Or at least a book.



Anonymous said...

Wow, your dad's a ringer for Burt Lancaster! That explains where you got your movie-star looks.

Bill Crider said...

Right. Those movie-star looks have gotten me a lot of chicks over the years.

George said...

Happy Father's Day, Bill! And many more! Hope you got an iPad as a gift!

Gerard said...

You mean Jack Elam, right?