Saturday, May 15, 2010

151 Best Movies You've Never Seen --Leonard Maltin

I was surprised when I read this book to discover that I'd seen quite a few of the movies that Maltin discusses. But that still left plenty that I hadn't seen, not to mention a few that I hadn't even heard of.

I enjoy reading a writer who's passionate about what he likes and can explain why he likes it, so I enjoyed this book. Some of the movies were critical or festival favorites that bombed at the box office. Some didn't get much attention from anyone. Most were made within the last 20 years, but some are much older.

You probably won't always agree with Maltin's opinions about these movies. I know I didn't. That doesn't take away any of the fun of reading the book, however, and it's even more fun when you run across a movie that you liked a lot and that Maltin does, too.

Bonus: Includes Bubba Ho-Tep.


MysterLynch said...

Bubba Ho-tep is, quite simply, a great film.

The battle on the buring, runaway wheel chair is epic.

Max Allan Collins said...

This is a terrific book -- fun to read, and you will wind up making a list of the movies you want to find -- including stuff you never dreamed you'd want to see.

Anonymous said...

But does it include GATOR BAIT?


Gerard Saylor said...

After seeing that Max Collins commented I feel compelled to make fun of Jerry Lewis.