Monday, February 01, 2010

Julie & Julia

When Judy and I were first married, we liked to watch Julia Child's cooking show. Not that we ever intended to try the recipes. We just liked to watch. Judy did make a quiche once, but that's another story. Anyway, we thought we'd take a look at Julie & Julia and see what it was all about.

It turned out to be two stories. One was about Julia Child, her discovery of French cooking, and the writing of her famous book. The other was about Julie Powell and her writing a blog and then a book about preparing all the recipes in Julia's book in one year. The stories alternate as the movie unfolds. Child is in post-war Paris, and it's a wonderful-looking place. Powell is in present-day Queens, not quite so wonderful. We learn a bit about each one's personal life and ambitions, too.

Stanley Tucci plays Child's husband, and he's very good. They make a great couple, and one of my favorite scenes is the first appearance Child's sister, played by Jane Lynch, on her visit to Paris.

Streep is amazing as Child. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was the real Julia Child up there on the screen. I hope she wins another Oscar® for her performance. The reviews I read when the movie came out weren't so kind to Amy Adams and said her portion of the movie paled in comparison to Streep's. I didn't think so, but then I like Amy Adams. Maybe her performance isn't worthy of an award, but I find her irresistible in just about any role.

No explosions, no murders, no car chases. Great fun, anyway. Check it out.


Laurie said...

Thanks for the reminder to rent this, Bill. I love Meryl Streep too - she just never quits being amazing.

Anonymous said...

I for one want to hear about Judy's quiche experience.

Anyone else? Bueller?


Bill Crider said...

Let's just say that making a quiche in an apartment in Austin isn't as easy as it looks when Julia does it on TV.

Carl V. said...

I think it is almost unfair to compare Amy Adams part of the film to Meryl Streep's. With the Julia Child part you had these wonderful older sets in a beautiful part of Paris and other cities with the characters in really interesting outfits, etc. It was supposed to play against the rather sparse life that Julie was living. I enjoyed both parts of the film and agree wholeheartedly that Streep should win the Oscar for her role.

Anonymous said...

I remember her show, and we had a record called TUBBY THE TUBA with Julia as Tubby voice!

'Judy did make a quiche once...'

Story to put on a different blog?