Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tough Guy of the Day

Man with 5-inch knife stuck in chest orders coffee | Odd News | "A 52-year-old man complained only about the cold weather before walking into a diner with a five-inch knife sticking out of his chest. The unnamed man called a Warren 911 operator on Sunday night to ask that an ambulance be sent to Bray's, an eatery in neighboring Hazel Park. He said he had been stabbed during a robbery attempt half a mile away, then walked to the restaurant and called 911 from a pay phone."

Hat tip to MisterLynch at Crimespree Cinema.


Gerard Saylor said...

He was lucky. That was probably the last pay phone in town.

Laurie said...

I loved this story. Kind of reminds me of that old reality show Emergency - in one episode a guy walked into the ER with a butcher knife stuck into the back of his head. He lived.

Deb said...

Gerard, you read my mind. My first thought was that the most bizarre thing about the story was that there is still a pay phone somewhere in that town.