Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joe Maross, R. I. P.

PASSINGS: Joe Maross, Al Cervi, Rod Van Hook -- "Joe Maross, 86, a prolific character actor whose film and television career spanned the 1950s to the 1980s, died of cardiac arrest Saturday at a convalescent hospital in Glendale, said his son, Michael.

Maross appeared in several movies, including 'Run Silent, Run Deep,' 'Elmer Gantry,' 'Sometimes a Great Notion' and 'Rich and Famous,' but he was best known for his work in television.

Beginning on live TV in New York in 1952, he had roles in dramatic anthology series such as 'Lux Video Theatre,' 'Studio One' and 'Armstrong Circle Theatre.'"

Hat tip to Toby O'Brien.

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mike doran said...

Just last night, MEtoo, a local station here in Chicago, ran one of Joe Maross's Twilight Zones - "The Little People", with Claude Akins. Wonderful two-hander, sharp dialogue, Maross and Akins both at the top of their game. Dig out the DVD when you get a chance.

RIP, indeed.