Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm in the land ov very slow dial-up and will be away from the computer most of the day, but I wanted to reprint a comment from JJH on the Victor Canning post.  Sounds like a worthy project to me.  Here's the comment:

Glad to see Victor Canning getting talked about again. He wrote some much better books than Doubled in Diamonds. Try Firecrest or Birdcage or The Finger of Saturn. I have reviews of all his books on my web site,, and am trying to get as many as possible back in print in time for his centenary in 2011. 


Rick Robinson said...

Great news. After reading the original post from Bill, I went looking for some used copies. No Doubled in Diamonds, but a couple of the others were available. Now I have a place to read more reviews and make informed choices. Thanks!

George said...

I ordered THE MINERVA CLUB. I'll have to dig a few of Victor Cannings books out and read them. It's been years since I've read one. Tnanks for the link. I love it that Canning considered Proust and Joyce "vanity writing."