Thursday, May 14, 2009


Greetings, blog fans. I'm writing this on the computer in the lobby of the Amethyst Lodge in Jasper, Alberta, where we spent last night. I hope the blog posts I scheduled for the week have been appearing when they were supposed to and that they've been of some interest. Judy and I have been seeing the sights, having a high old time, and taking zillions of photos of the spectacular scenery, which isn't so spectacular today. There's a heavy fog over the mountains, and I hope it burns off soon. We're driving back to Banff later this morning, but we'd hoped to tour some of the mountain roads around Jasper first.

We'll be back in Alvin late Sunday evening, and maybe I can get some live updates on the computer on Monday. I wasn't sure I could survive being away from the computer for a week, but after the first day or so the shakes went away, and I've adjusted surprisingly well.

There are others waiting to get at this computer, so I'd better sign off and see about breakfast.


Todd Mason said...

THE FOG OVER JASPER...FOGBOUND JASPER...JASPER IN FOG...there's a title for nearly any type of story there.

Glad it's a good time so far.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Bill, we're keeping the blog warm for you.

Glad you're having fun.


George said...

I told you that your Canadian adventure would be fun--after the withdrawal symptoms subsided. Hurry home, we all miss you!