Friday, March 06, 2009

15 Incredible Library Special Collections

And look who heads the list! Way to go, George!

15 Incredible Library Special Collections | Online Courses: "Large libraries, be they university or city, aren’t just good for research and circulation. They also often have amazing special collections centered around singular, often esoteric, topics. These collections are often donated via will by individuals who collected the items over a lifetime of obsession. Many library patrons may not realize it, but often these special collections are surprisingly accessible. The items usually don’t circulate, but libraries often put on exhibits or provide special reading rooms for people who want to take in the collection. There are many, many special collections around the world worthy of discussion, but here are 15 that we found particularly interesting."

Link via Neatorama.


George said...

Thanks for the heads up! But I think the Collection should be rated higher than that Nurse Novel collection!

Anonymous said...

Depends on whether they have both Hootenanny Nurse and Cape Canaveral Nurse.


Bill Crider said...

Only an extensive collection would have those two classics.