Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Will F. Jenkins Day

Gordon Van Gelder posted this on the fictionmags list, and I thought it was a nice tribute. The Virginia legislature has declared June 27, 2009, Will F. Jenkins Day. Jenkins (aka Murray Leinster) was a huge presence in the SF digests and anthologies I read in the 1950s, and I've enjoyed his work ever since.


George said...

This is a well deserved honor! Will F. Jenkins (aka Murry Leinster) played a big role in my teenage life filling it with great books and greater ideas about the future.

Todd Mason said...

I hadn't actually read the resolution till now...a few arguable bits of connotation ("notoriety" as Murray Leinster) and denotation ('"First Contact," which was the first science fiction story to present the dramatic scenario of the first meeting between earthlings and aliens;'), but a fine gesture. I think I'd heard about the front projection patent before. Now's time for the Howard Waldrop story about Hedy Lamarr and Jenkins setting up a think tank and inventing even more of the future. "Ever More Frontiers"