Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir:

If one singing, dancing fish can be that annoying, what can you say about two hundred and fifty?

To answer this question (just for the halibut), Richard Carter and John Schroeter, plus a team of over thirty volunteers created The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir in the first few months of 2001. Since then the Choir has been under continuous modification and reprogramming. Sporting over two hundred and fifty computer controlled lobsters, bass, trout, catfish and sharks, the Choir performs a repertoire ranging from pop tunes to classical opera. All songs are tightly choreographed by an energetic orchestral conductor, The Lobster Formerly Known as Larry. Exceptional solos performances are, of course, provided by The Three Basses: Jose Carperas, Placido Dolphingo and the incomparable Luciano Ichthyology.

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.
Update: Excellent video here.


Anonymous said...

This has always been my favorite art car! -- Angela

Bill Crider said...

I knew you'd say that.

Kiltak said...

We've just published and exclusive video report on the Choir.. check it out :) (in HD!)