Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are Any of these People Really Superstars?

In Pictures: The Year's Superstar Flops - Forbes.com


Benjie said...

Of the television fare, I'll admit I've tried to stay with Slater as his own worst enemy, but I think the title of the project should have spoken volumes to the young man who often reminds me of Jack Nicholson.

Of the movies, I thought about seeing one of them, but thought better of it.

Everything else is just a blur.

The question remains: What were these people thinking?!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Bill, whenever I think "superstar" (which is never) the first person who comes to mind is usually Patricia Heaton.

Then I jolt myself with a taser.

Seriously, Clooney (now) and Murphy (20 years ago) probably come the closest.

Lucy Liu? They're joking, right?

And even though I'm not a Slater fan I do watch (and generally enjoy) My Own Worst Enemy.

I give them the most credit for their use of Mike O'Malley as a ruthless spy.


Todd Mason said...

Lucy Liu. Well, the cutest of this bunch, certainly, and she has been in at least a few very profitable films. Yes, define superstar, if anyone actually cares who isn't in the business to kissing up to the entertainment industry. (Me, I just try to accurately track some of it.)