Monday, June 16, 2008

Ever Wanted to Become Invisible?

Now's your chance.

Hat tip to Bill Williams.


Doc Quatermass said...

Interesting. The illogical catch (which requires willing suspension of disbelief) to stories such as Well's Invisible Man is that if invisible you'd be blind since a human eye works by absorbing incoming light, not letting it through completely.

A few years back I read a news story on scientists were working on a suit that would bend light around the person wearing it rendering them invisible. I think it will be some years before this is perfected.

Bill Crider said...

They should just spend the 25 bucks and get the book.

Doc Quatermass said...

Moving links up in my history and clicked on the page and it said:

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Bill Crider said...

Probably a cover-up.

Doc Quatermass said...

That the sight "disappeared" is demonstrable proof of the efficaciousness of the method.