Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Geezers Rule! (Neil Diamond Edition)

How old geezer Neil Diamond came to be the new king of pop - Telegraph: "He's hot. He's happening. He's here again. After 48 years in the business, most of them spent vainly waving for the rocknoscenti's attention, Neil Diamond has become the biggest act on the planet. He tops the album charts in both Britain and America, and next month will play the hallowed 'Living Legends' slot at Glastonbury.

Living? Not so long ago, the question appeared debatable. Oh, Neil could still haul himself on stage, greet the fans and dole out the audible fondue, but his show had passed away. All that remained were the poignant echoes of a powdered and sequinned, 67-year-old schmaltzeteer heading into a comfortable old age. Then something strange happened. Neil became so unhip, he became hip again. Terrible and complete would be his vengeance."


Fred Blosser said...

Good for him! My daughter, 33, is a Neil Diamond fan and has been since her teens, thanks in part to an old "best of" LP in my collection. At that, the LP didn't contain my personal favorite of Neil's songs, "Brooklyn Roads."

There was an excellent book a couple of years ago, ALWAYS MAGIC IN THE AIR, about Neil and the other talent that came out of the Brill Building in the early '60s.

Bill Crider said...

I loved that book. I probably reviewed it here on the blog.

Randy Johnson said...

I have to admit, in my much younger days, that I saw Neil in concert twice. At that time, he was much closer, of course, to rock and roll than he is now.