Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Scots are Scary

Latest find at ex-children's home may be more human remains - News: "The news came after the first picture of a 'punishment room' at the former home was released, revealing a haunting message. On a wooden post against the wall of a secret chamber under the building was written: 'I've been bad for years and years.'"

Update from Al (Sunshine) Guthrie:


The Scots may indeed be scary (thank you!), but the article you've linked to about the remains found in the children's home in Jersey is entirely absent of Scots.




pattinase (abbott) said...

Sickening. I wonder if that was a child or the person who punished them.

jjs said...

The human being is clearly the lowest form of life on this particular planet. This business that we were made in the image and likeness of God may have been true for Adam. But it is not true for us. We are in the image and likeness of Satan. That we have been Redeemed at all and that we are in dire need of it is eloquent argument for the benevolence of God and pretty good proof that we are not like Him in any way, never will be, despite all praying and meditating, and cultlike training, and have been handed a gift, even given to the ignorant and un-preached to, such that the realization of it makes one either repentant or at least surprised, or makes one even more vile than ever, for some reason, which in the case of these overlords certainly seemed to have been the case.

Anonymous said...

Just to keep things straight, Jersey is a channel island off the coast of France, nothing to do with Scotland, except that Scottish police have apparently been dispatched to this investigation. Leave us not defame that fine nation of whisky makers with this particular outrage.