Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith Update

More passport reviews found at State - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON - State Department workers viewed passport applications containing personal information about high-profile Americans, including the late Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith, at least 20 times since January 2007, The Associated Press has learned.

That total is far more than disclosed last week with the news that presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama had been victims of improper snooping."


Todd Mason said...

It might or might not be pertinent to note that my housemate's new cat, a rare (supposedly) orange female, was named Anna and Alice was thinking she'd like her to be known as Nicky, so she's now formally Anna Nicole Chang.

Bill Crider said...

Excellent choice.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! From the I Feel Safer Already file, a story that ends with:
Allred said that several years ago, celebrity Nicole Richie had her breasts inspected by security at an airport because of her nipple rings.
Baird said he was not aware of the Richie incident either.

See the hotlink on my name, courtesy Jeff Segal.