Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 -- What a Year

It started off just fine, with an Edgar nomination for a story called "Cranked." It doesn't get much better than that. "Cranked" went on to be nominated for an Anthony and a Derringer, winning the latter. One out of three ain't bad. Oddly enough, however, the story wasn't picked for a single "best of the year" anthology. Maybe it wasn't as good as people thought.

Things went pretty much downhill after that. In June Judy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and the rest of the year has been devoted to getting that taken care of. She's now in complete remission and has only one more chemo treatment to go. We're looking forward to reaching the end of that road.

However, on Christmas night, we discovered that Judy's 95-year-old mom has multiple brain tumors. She's in the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center now, and we're waiting to find out what the doctors conclude about our options. Judy has an appointment at MD Anderson on Wednesday, and she can't miss that. I have to be with her. Then her final chemo treatment is a week from today, January 7. She's going to feel terrible after the treatment, which will take the full day. We don't know what we'll do about her mother during that time, since we don't even know where her mother will be. Seems as if 2008 isn't going to get off to a promising start for us.

As you can see, we're not out celebrating tonight. I'm doing this blog entry about a half hour after returning from the hospital, and pretty quickly we'll hit the hay so we can be up and at 'em tomorrow.

My wish for all you blog readers is that 2008 will be a wonderful year, with good health and happiness for all. And if you're out there having fun tonight, drink a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.


Todd Mason said...

Well, there are only two BOTYs for crime fiction that cover US writers, no? (I'm only aware of the BAMS and the Gorman/Greenberg, along with Jakubowski's UK annual, anyway.) And no regular Edgar volumes, any more...though my impression is that in comparison to the remarkably regular Nebulas volume, that series has always been spotty. But someone really should gather up those Edgar noms, at least.

Not to be a broken LP, but may the next year, and those to follow, be much easier. From someone with his own minor bumps by comparison, Happy New Year, Bill...and to all.

(And the DAMNED NEAR DEAD folks should've submitted the story to the PUSHCARTs and Susie Bright and Jakubowski for his other annual...worth a shot!)

pattinase (abbott) said...

And the best of years to you and Judy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

I just read your 2007 wrap-up and wanted to send my heartfelt wishes for happy and peaceful 2008 to you and Judy!

I'm sure thousands of your readers are rooting for you, Judy, and her Mom.

All the Best,
Dwyline, San Francisco

Bill Crider said...

Thanks, Dwyline.