Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life Is Tough when you Have a Big, er, Chest

Parents still fuming about prom dress protocol: "Three days after about 25 girls from a Marrero high school were turned away from their senior prom because adult chaperones said their dresses violated the Jefferson Parish public school system's policy, district officials are trying to soothe the uproar and said Monday there's a chance the system might review its rules governing attire.

In an episode that has garnered national media attention, most of the girls were turned away because of an excessive display of cleavage, though the policy also bans clothing that is 'tight-fitting' or 'see-through.'

School system spokesman Jeff Nowakowski said L.W. Higgins High School Principal Germain Gilson is inviting upset parents to meet with her individually to discuss the incident, which occurred Friday night at the Magnolia Plantation dance hall at Elmwood Park.

With nine more proms scheduled in the coming weeks, the school system might consider revising its vaguely worded dress code policy, which officials have used in defending the school system's actions, Nowakowski said. The policy states that 'a student will not wear clothing that exposes the student's back, chest or midriff.'

'I'm sure the system would consider looking at better-defining that area,' he said, referring to the 'chest' part of the policy."


Anonymous said...

As I recall the rented tuxedo that I wore to the prom some 27 years ago, I believe that the school would have been justified in taking me out behind the football stadium and having me shot for wearing it in public.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'll bet it was very cool.

Unknown said...

I am the parent of 1 of the girls that was not allowed into the LW Higgins Prom on April 13,2007.Everone is missing the point.It was not only girls for their dresses,but boys too were left out because they had NO coats on.They had the whole tux but not the coat.they ALL were dressed very sharp.The point that is not getting across is the Kids in the Prom were dressed the same way the kids outside were.The thing that got me so mad is the teacher,She told the kids that last year she did not let some of the people in and (IF THAT HAPPENS THIS YEAR IT WILL BE LIKE YOU HAVE A SIGN ON YOU FACE SAYING I AM A WHORE AND I WAS JUST OUT LOOKING TO GET SOME).What is that for a teacher to tell any child.I rasied 2 daughters and I never had to worry about my Girls.They don't do drugs,They are very respetfull,they worry about the way the dress,and they would never dress in anything that wasn't respectfull.