Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another List You'll Really Think is Nuts

The Sun Online - Bizarre: Angelina is sexiest in history: "ANGELINA JOLIE has been named the sexiest individual EVER by an online poll.

The Tomb Raider beauty, a 31-year-old mum of three, came four places above her actor lover Brad Pitt.

Elvis Presley was second, ahead of Marilyn Monroe. Video game heroine Lara Croft, played on screen by Angelina, was sixth.

Jolie’s former girlfriend Jenny Shimziu tells the programme, the 100 Greatest Sex Symbols: “I don’t think there’s one person that would say no to Angelina, in bed or just having a cup of coffee with her.”

The ten greatest sex symbols were: Angelina; Elvis; Marilyn Monroe; Beyonce; Brad; Lara Croft; George Clooney; Kylie Minogue; Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson."


Anonymous said...

"Nuts" is a gross understatement.

Scarlett and Kylie don't even make the top 1,000 list, as far as I'm concerned.

Cap'n Bob said...

Another poll by a bunch of callow, snot-nosed punks who think the world started the day they were born. I'd trade the whole lot of today's bubbleheaded sluts for a prime Lana Turner or Ann Sheridan.