Thursday, December 14, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End?

Splash News Online: WHATS UP PARIS' NOSE?: "What's up Paris Hilton's nose? The wild partying hotel heiress was spotted leaving a top restaurant with what appears to be white stuff up her left nostril. Hilton and Brandon Davis splashed out a whopping $2600 for a slap-up lunch and then left with the strange looking nasal passage clearly visible through the car window. Paris and Davis each had Caesar Salads followed by two $1050 dishes of Kobe Steaks with white truffles. They gulped down cokes and mineral waters. The bill came to $2350-- and a $250 tip. 'Paris played the real star keeping her sunglasses on throughout the meal,' said a diner at Nellos restaurant on glitzy Madison Avenue, New York."

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Gerard said...

I just sold a '96 Buick for $2420 bucks.