Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bob Dylan on XM

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio on XM
July 12, 2006
Theme: Flowers
The New San Antonio Rose, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
Grazing in the Grass, Friends of Distinction
A Good Year for the Roses, George Jones
Bob reads Robert Frost’s “A Rose is a Rose”
Bonnie Bunch of Roses, Paul Clayton
Laying on a Bed of Roses, The Muffs
Bob gives a list of state flowers
The Grapevine, Lucky Millinder
Tulip or Turnip, Duke Elllington & his Orchestra
Bob discusses “tulip mania”
Tiptoe through the Tulips, Tiny Tim
Wildwood Flower, the Carter Family
When the Roses Bloom Again, Laura Cantrell
Bob mentions golfing with Ricky Jay. (Bob golfs?) Ricky Jay tells about a woman who lived on the scent of flowers.
Only a Rose, Geraint Watkins
I Threw away the Rose, Merle Haggard
Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool Ya, Wilson Pickett
The Sharpest Thorn, Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint


Anonymous said...

I can't believe he didn't play "Bed of Roses" by the Statler Bros.

Unknown said...

That's a great song. So many songs, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Bob golfs? Wow. And he plays Tiny Tim.