Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bob Dylan on XM

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio on XM
June 7, 2006
Theme: Jail, the Slammer, the Graybar Hotel, etc.

Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues
Magic Sam, 21 Days in Jail
Bessie Smith, Send Me to the ‘lectric Chair
Warren Storm, The Prisoner’s Song

The Pretenders, Back on the Chain Gang
Andre Williams, Jail Bait
Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Prison Wall Blues

Kenny Layne and his Bulldogs, Columbus Stockade Blues

Joe Simon, Nine Pound Steel

Jimmy Patton, Okie’s in the Pokie

John Prine, Christmas in Prison

Sir Douglas Quintet, In the Jailhouse Now

Mississippi Sheiks, Jail Bird Love Song

Wanda Jackson, There’s a Riot Going On
Merle Haggard, Sing Me Back Home
Hurricane Harry, The Last Meal


Jack Vaughan said...

From Andre Turner to Charlie Patton to Wanda Jackson [just saw her to 'There's a Riot Going on' on Sat night in Lexington, Mass..Dylan is a gaul-durn American Heritage.

Plot Baby Plot said...

Dylan's great, but is anybody under the age of 50 going to appreciate most of this music?

Bill said...

Who besides an old fart like me listens to Bob Dylan, anyway? (No offense, Jack. I wish I'd been there to seen Wanda Jackson.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what a person's age has to do with enjoying great music. I played an old Johnny Cash album for my kids recently during a road trip and when it was over they didn't ask me to play some Red Hot Chili Peppers, they asked to hear the Cash album again so they could listen to the stories he told one more time.

None of us are contemporaries of Bach, but we can still dig the music.

Anyone who limits their interests to only what's new is really shortchanging themselves.


Bill said...

Agreed, but you gotta get 'em to listen, first. How are we gonna get 'em to tune in to Bob Dylan's show? Maybe they already are.

Todd Mason said...

Oh, Zims has a certain caché that will draw any number of younger listeners, as does Cash. Never fear. Meanwhile, while I've never really liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers, even before the lead singer was prosecuted and briefly jailed for a sexual-assault misdemeanor against a friendly acquaintance of mine. I don't think it's just middle-aged folk listening to the Pretenders, either...though this m-a fellow always did prefer "I Hurt You" to most of their hits.

Bill said...

I've always liked "Back on the Chain Gang," but I confess I was hoping that Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang" would make the playlist.

Anonymous said...

> How are we gonna get 'em to tune in to Bob Dylan's show?

We could *assign* it...