Sunday, April 16, 2006

Big Mystery*File Update

MYSTERY*FILE ON-LINE: "April 15. GARY PHILLIPS. A Pro-File interview by Ed Gorman with the author of the PI Ivan Monk novels plus many other works of tough, hard-boiled crime and mystery fiction.

April 15. SERIES CHARACTERS ON TV. Part Five of Marvin Lachman’s continuing series on mystery series characters who have been portrayed on television. Authors P through Z are included in this, the final installment.
Now that each section is complete, the list will soon be published in final form, with all parts together, along with any corrections and additions which have been discovered. You are encouraged, says Marv, to send along any that you have found as soon as possible.

April 15. CHARLES WILLIAMS. Jamie Sturgeon has spotted what may be a previously unknown (and uncredited) TV adaptation of one of Williams’ novels. Follow the link to learn more.

April 15. Added to the checklist below is a crime novel by Dean Owen published in Finland but apparently never in the US. Juri Nummelin gives us the details. Also added are three new cover images."

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