Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Homie! | Former Playmate Smith charms the high court:
"Smith's case goes to Washington and could leave with a surprising result

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, photographers trampled each other as they tried to get glamour shots of Anna Nicole Smith, former Playboy Playmate and widow of an elderly Houston oil tycoon.

Inside the buttoned-down, no-cameras-allowed courtroom, the onetime Texas stripper, who has waged a fierce and often comical legal battle to inherit her late husband's fortune, was just another role player in heels and a conservative, knee-length black dress.

Her appearance before the highest court in the land was the latest episode in an 11-year-old Texas soap opera, and it offered the prospect of an ending worthy of the short story master O. Henry.

Judging from what happened inside the court Tuesday, Smith might just win.

Despite her uncharacteristically demure demeanor, or perhaps because of it, Smith, or her legal cause, or both, seemed to charm several men — and the one woman — on the bench."

Thanks to McGinnis expert Art Scott for the photo tip. Art believes that Anna's had a little work done. He's such a cynic.


Anonymous said...

Well, she does look thinner? Doubt she had surgery for that.

By the way, Bill, be sure to read the new post on my blog today. I'm afraid I've made a rather unfounded charge against you, but they ARE from Texas. Let me know if you're suing so I can call my lawyer.

James said...

Y'know, I'm all for ANS's enlargement of her boobs, but I really dislike the work she's had done on her face. It makes her seem much colder than she used to look.