Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mystery Circus - the Carnival of Crime

Mystery Circus - the Carnival of Crime: "The mission of the Circus is to push, promote and make people aware of the best cool new stuff in the world of crime fiction - be it books, short stories, comics, online, offline, whatever. We have a stack of very good ezines regularly putting out excellent new short fiction - almost entirely free to read. We have stories appearing on people's websites. We have more books, and a better and more diverse range of material, appearing in print now than at just about any other time in history. It's a wealth of material, and we want to make people aware of the Good Shit. And for people to make us aware of Good Shit that we would otherwise have missed.

We're also here to try to serve as a central hub for crime online. A meeting point, a place for cross-polination of a million online conversations. There's plenty of interesting stuff out there. Let's bring it in.

And, lastly, and perhaps least likely, we want to bring in new readers. Particularly younger readers - those fabled teens and twentysomethings with their music that I have to keep chasing off my lawn.

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John R. said...

Cheers for the plug, Bill - much appreciated. :-)