Monday, January 16, 2006

Paperback Covers!

Well, I've wasted plenty of time, and there are now 176 scans of the covers of my old paperbacks. I probably won't be adding any more for a while, but if you want to catch the slideshow and waste some of your time, you can see it here.

The covers here are two of my favorites in the "conveniently located limbs and foliage" category. I should say "two of my favorites," however, since they're obviously the same cover with a couple of little additions and subtractions.


Vince said...

And the model looks like Bettie Page into the bargain.

James Reasoner said...

And in the "probably more than you really wanted to know" category, TWILIGHT WOMEN is an unacknowledged reprint of the Leslie Scott novel THREE CAN LOVE, originally published in hardback by Arco Publishing in 1952. Scott was best known as a Western writer and the creator of two similar Texas Ranger characters, Jim Hatfield and Walt Slade, but he also wrote several of these romance/soft-core porn novels. I've read TWILIGHT WOMEN and it's a not bad South Seas/volcano erupting/semi-fantasy novel.

Anonymous said...

Bawhahahah! I have to confess, I never would have thought of creating a "limbs and foliage" category for book covers. I probably would have labled it "uncomfortable positions to pose in for a book cover."