Monday, January 23, 2006

The Ink Slinger Shuts it Down

Ink Slinger: "This is the last post of this weblog.

It was an experiment started last April, and while it has been fun at times, and I've learned a little, in the end it was just like most other weblogs - worthless."


Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Obviously, he's not a regular reader of "Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine." I mean, the Anna Nicole updates are worth the price of admission. And that's not even taking into account Lindsay Lohan's nipples!

James said...

Seems like something got up ol' Paul's rear end. If a blog is worthless, it's because its author spends insufficient time or effort making it worth something. I wouldn't come around here, for example, if I felt it was a waste of bandwidth.

Unknown said...

I think Paul believes that a writer should be writing a story, novel, teleplay, whatever, instead of a blog. He's right, but I have fun doing this, and I don't mind wasting time.