Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Doo-Doo Man

Lucky for you, I'm far too classy to link to an item like this: | News | The Poop | 2006-01-05 | Printable: "He said in a written statement to police that he sprinkled his own dried feces on the doughnuts at the Fiesta Mart as a kind of practical joke in retaliation for unfriendly treatment: 'They made me very angry that they showed me no respect,' he wrote. 'I decided I would play a joke on them.'"


Anonymous said...

This blog just jumped the shark..

Anonymous said...


Andy J said...

Five years for sprinkling poop on donuts? Wow, that Texas justice is pretty severe! I guess it doesn't matter that there's probably more nutrients in his poop than in the donuts. No, I guess it doesn't matter. Now just imagine what undetectable employees are doing along this line.