Monday, January 09, 2006

Could This Happen to Me?

Art Scott sent me this news item. I think he must have seen the photos of my office. - News - Woman Suffocates Under Piles Of Clutter In Home: "A woman in Shelton, Wash., who was reported missing by her husband, was found dead under piles of clutter in their home, where she suffocated to death, according to police.

Shelton Police Chief Terry Davenport said the home was so cluttered that police officers' heads touched the ceiling as they climbed over the clutter.

Authorities found the body of 62-year-old Marie Rose buried under clothes after 10 hours of searching. She reportedly suffered from a condition known as hoarding."


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that she had all her Ace Doubles neatly shelved together, sf & non-sf properly segregated. That would make all the difference as far as structural integrity in concerned. You have nothing to worry about.

Art Scott

James said...

There was an old woman hoarder who lived in the same small Michigan town as I did. Her object of fascination was newspapers, and by all accounts her entire house was packed with them to the point where the only way through the rooms was via narrow passages among canyons of junk.

As you can imagine, the fire burned long and bright.

Andy J said...

This of course could never happen to me. After reading how this same fate befell one of the Collyer brothers, I've always made sure that if clutter reaches overhead that proper bracing be installed much like they do on construction sites.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Shelton isn't that far from here. I saw a picture of the clutter in the woman's house and most of it didn't look deadly, just messy. Sort of like my office and hobby rooms.
Perhaps if the woman had been younger and healthier she would have been able to crawl out from under that junk.