Sunday, December 18, 2005

Four New E-zines

This information comes by way of Tribe's Blog. I'm not sure I'll have time to read all of these, but anybody who's going to put up a zine for western stories deserves a little credit. I'll give that one a try for sure.


James said...

Thanks for the plug!

Each one of these -- with the possible exception of Dead Letters, which still gets hits though we only ever had one issue -- is a big risk, but if they work out, I'd be very happy.

Putting out zines like these is a labor of love, and will likely never make me a nickel, but so what? Just being able to point to an issue of Out West or War Journal and say, "See? That's the kind of magazine I want to see more of," is worth the time, effort and expense.

Juri said...

As a publisher of fanzine-scale pulp magazine (Isku/Punch; in Finnish), I can say that it's very rewarding even if you only put out one or three or four issues. I've also noticed that it's something people like to read, even though the publishers think otherwise. Go ahead, James! I'm looking forward to reading your zines!

Todd Mason said...

I've been meaning to do something like this, but time, energy and cashflow have all been in short supply...glad to see someone is jumping in, finally.

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