Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Of all the Bloody Cheek -- Frank McAuliffe

The other day I thought it was time to re-read Frank McAuliffe's Of all the Bloody Cheek. When I read it the first time, something like forty years ago, I knew I'd never read anything quite like it. All these years later, I still haven't, except for the sequels: Rather a Vicious Gentleman and For Murder I Charge More. The books aren't exactly novels, more like collections of novellas, but the novellas in each volume are interconnected, and in fact the novellas in all three volumes are interconnected in a marvel of plotting seldom, if ever, equalled. The stories are very funny, thanks the the narrative voice of Augustus Mandrell, killer for hire, and I've been recommending this series for a long, long time. The trouble was that nobody could find the books. Soon, I hope, that won't be a problem. PointBlank is supposedly going to reprint all three volumes, not to mention (and here's the really good news) print a fourth as-yet-unpublished book. I've read a version of the manuscript, and it's a fine addition to the previous three. Buy them all as soon as you get a chance. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Damn you to hell, Bill Crider. Now I have three more books I have to run out and buy.

Lee Goldberg

Jeff Meyerson said...

Lee, let me second Bill's recommendation. These are great and it is wonderful news that a fourth one will be coming out.

I was just thinking of rereading them myself, Bill.

Aldo said...

Maybe you and I should split the costs....

Anonymous said...

Bill, this is a copy of the e-mail I sent you, but I want to get it on your blog, too, so as many people as possible can get the word about Augustus Mandrell.

I've just finished Of All the Bloody Cheek. Like you, I have never read anything else like it. I posted about Mandrell and Frank McAuliffe at, and I hope to generate a nice, long discussion. These stories are worth talking about.


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