Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bob Skinner

I know a couple of writers from New Orleans. One of them, Robert Skinner, and I have been corresponding by e-mail for a lot of years now. I found out yesterday that he's safe and sound but that his house is most likely a total loss (it was only a couple of blocks from one of the levees that broke). Bob had a great collection of old radios, old cameras, old western revolvers and other western memorabilia, not to mention books. Probably everything is gone.

Bob also had a good job as the director of the Xavier University library. He won't be getting paid again anytime soon, if ever. Today he applied for food stamps. He's also in the market for a job, so if any of you know a library that could use a highly qualified director, let me know. Bob's taking things a lot better than I would, for damned sure, and he knows he was luckier than a lot of folks, but he could use a little help.


Anonymous said...

Re: job
It's small but hey it's a job: my local library in Billings, Montana, is looking for a director. It's past time to put in applications but I think they're just in the process of going through them now. No decisions made.

~ PK the Bookeemonster ~

Bill said...

Thanks, PK. I've already passed this along to Bob.