Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Great Slideshow

The Sun Online - Life: Worst album covers...ever: "By DAVE MASTERS
Sun Online

HERE'S a lesson in bad record sleeve design from the idiots who put the bum into album.

We've pulled together the funniest covers from the past few decades of disks for our latest slideshow below.

It includes some shockingly bad releases including Swing That Gospel Axe and Trees Talk Too.

One wacky cover by Millie Jackson shows her boobs distorted through a crystal ball.

While Pooh-Man's album Funky Like I Do has a spread-eagled woman with the artist's head between her legs."


Anonymous said...

Should I be embarrassed that I have pictures of five of those albums on my computer? Good to know our humor runs along similar lines.

At least one of the 17 is a fake - the one with the woman and the dummy... my parents had that actual album - I think it was a Sergio Mendes album - anyway, I disticntly remember it WITHOUT the dummy... I was a thriteen-year-old boy and that woman was subject of more than one... "thought."

Did I just share too much?

Unknown said...

Perhaps you were so jealous of the dummy that you've repressed its image. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Much of it first surfaced on this site, accompanied by hilarious commentary.