Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Computer Tip of the Day

Here's something I didn't know (there's a multitude of things I don't know) about computers. A tip from JerryKergan: "Buried within Windows XP/MS Explorer is a best-kept secret remedy for some font sizing troubles: with MS Explorer and a scrolling mouse (li'l wheel between the buttons,) hold down the CONTROL key and scroll to a more comfortable font size. NOTE: this will also enlarge the printed font when printing from your browser . . . so minimize the font size before printing anything."

This also works with Firefox. Don't know about other browsers.


Anonymous said...

Bill, that is so cool! I just tried it on the NY TImes website and it works! Why did no one ever tell me this before?


Brent McKee said...

In Firefox at least you can do the same thing by hitting ctrl+ or ctrl-. Ctrl0 (th 0 on the keyboard not on the keypad) takes you back to normals size.