Friday, June 17, 2005

Another Icon Gone

Lucy In The Sky - the real woman | Music | Breaking News 24/7 - (15-06-2005): "Lucy In The Sky - the real woman
By Beth Hale
June 15, 2005

WHEN the Beatles released Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, it was popularly assumed to be a barely concealed reference to LSD.
John Lennon denied a drugs link, claiming the true inspiration was a young girl called Lucy who appeared in a painting by his then four-year-old son, Julian.

Her identity was not revealed at the time but the story can now be told of the little girl who may have been the real Lucy in the Sky.

Lucy Richardson grew up to be a successful movie art director.

But this month she died at the age of 47 after a two-year battle with breast cancer."

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Bob Levinson said...

L = Lucy
S = Sky
D = Diamonds