Monday, May 02, 2005

Paging Cap'n Bob! Paging Cap'n Bob!

IOL: A Step Beyond: "First we cloned Dolly, now Willy. A cast kit with the name Clone-a-Willy is available on the Internet and is needed to enter a competition that promises to rock women's worlds and give the winner a head start.

According to the British tabloid Sun newspaper, 'the hunt is on for the fella with the perfect manhood - to model for a new sex aid'.

'Blokes who reckon they measure up will have to take a cast of their pride and joy at home, then send it to bosses at the sex shop chain Hustler Hollywood to be judged.'

The winning entry, writes the paper, will be 'the model for a series of battery-powered rubber replicas that may find their way into thousands of women's bedrooms'."

1 comment:

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

A model manhood? I think I can help out as long as they don't mind a scale model.