Monday, May 09, 2005

Confessions of a Listener | Garrison Keillor

The Nation | Article | Confessions of a Listener | Garrison Keillor: "I am old enough to be nostalgic about radio, having grown up when it was a stately medium and we listened to Journeys in Musicland with Professor E.B. 'Pop' Gordon teaching us the musical scale, and the guest on The Poetry Corner was Anna Hempstead Branch, who read her sonnet cycle, 'Ere the Golden Bowl Is Broken,' and the gospel station brought us Gleanings From the Word, with the whispery Reverend Riley trudging patiently through the second chapter of Leviticus, and at night there were Fibber and Molly and Amos and Andy and the Sunset Valley Barn Dance with Pop Wiggins ('Says here that radio's gonna take the place of newspapers. I doubt it. Y'can't swat a fly with a radio.'), but I don't feel a hankering to hear any of it ever again."

I must be about Garrison Keillor's age, but I don't agree with the final sentence above, mainly because reading the preceding one fills me with a hankering to hear some OTR again. The whole article's worth reading, though. Check it out.

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