Thursday, April 14, 2005


I've already received an e-mail asking why I haven't posted anything about the new Fox TV series Stacked. So I'd better say something about it. I watched it because it was set in a bookstore. How could any booklover resist a comedy series set in a bookstore? It stars Pamela Sue Anderson, a bunch of people I never heard of, and Christopher Lloyd. And it was actually pretty funny, better than I thought it would be. Anderson has fun playing a sort of parody of herself (if that's possible), and some actual incidents from her life were used in the script. The rest of the cast is appealing enough (I always like Christopher Lloyd), and if they're stealing a little from Frazier with the ex-wife character, at least they're stealing from a pretty good show. I'll definitely watch this one again to see where it's going. After all, I just can't resist a show about a bookstore. (And in case you're wondering, the photo above isn't from the show.) Posted by Hello

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Tina Karelson said...

I was pleasantly surprised by STACKED, as well. Good script, good cast. Any show that uses the title of a Joseph Conrad novel in a joke is okay by me. I've already penciled the program into my planner for next week.