Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Here are the first two pages of the current issue

The latest issue of Steve Lewis's excellent Mystery*File is available now, and the magazine even has a new subtitle, The Crime Fiction Research Journal. That title might be a slight exaggeration, at least as far as my own meager contributions are concerned, but it's a great resource, and I highly recommend that you subscribe, if you haven't already done it.

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Anonymous said...

The subtitle may be an exaggeration, but Bill's contributions have not, I can assure you, been meager. Not only was Bill the first to sign up for a subscription, but his GOLD MEDAL CORNER has appeared in every issue since M*F's revival. His column in this latest issue is about Charles Williams, the Gold Medal and Dell writer, and I only wish I could have used all of the cover photos I had, and in color. Thanks, Bill.

PS. The link to the M*F website has been updated to include the Table of Contents for issue #47. Steve.