Wednesday, March 23, 2005

DC Comics Covers

From Elmo's Junction comes word of this site. Click on a year, then on a month, and you'll get all the DC Comics covers for that month. Or click on this page and get an alphabetical list of all the DC titles. Click on a title and get the complete cover gallery. Did you know there were five issues of a Pat Boone comic book? I didn't. There's a lot more to explore, too. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Man, you really need to get out more. Pat Boone comics... I can now die happy because I have that information.


Steve Hockensmith said...

Please, Bill -- *don't* get out more! Not if it means you won't be putting up more links like this one! I haven't looked at my old comics in years (I follow the classic paradigm -- my comic books are in a box in my parents' attic) but this site got me excited about Jonah Hex and Sgt. Rock and Green Lantern all over again. If I could find one of those classic Old School bookstores with a big bin of slightly beat-up, extra cheap comics (I could get 10 for a buck when I was a kid -- a pretty good deal circa 1980) I'd be there in a flash...looking for The Flash!

Brent McKee said...

Love the idea of the site but the way he laid it out is awful. It detrats from what he's trying to show. Have the thumbnails open to a seperate page.

As I said though, the idea is a great one and there's some great stuff there - The New Adventures of Charlie Chan anyone? Or how about The Adventures of Alan Ladd?