Monday, January 31, 2005

My Adventures in Peru: Chapter Three

As I mentioned in another post, the complete, uncensored story of my adventures in Peru can be found here. However, as there are no photos, I thought some of the idly curious among you might want to see a shot of the plane in which we flew over the Nasca Lines. Judy and I were in the back seat, which was a little more cramped than the middle seat, I think, not that it made much difference. Given my tendency to motion sickness, it's a miracle that I didn't get sick during the plane ride, but I didn't.

How much of a tendency to motion sickness do I have? Good question. Here's how much: I've been known to get sick in high-speed express elevators in New York hotels. I've been known to get sick while floating in the gentle surf off the beach at Galveston Island. But I was determined to survive the plane ride (especially after my little contretemps at the Lima airport). Posted by Hello

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Cap'n Bob said...

Nice plane. I believe it's the first choice among coke smugglers worldwide. Say, just what were you doing down there in South America, Bill? Padding the old retirement account? It's always the quiet ones.