Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Cornell Hurd Band

My son does the sound for Austin's Cornell Hurd Band. He also produced and recorded the band's latest CD. Great stuff if you like country swing, which I do. There are a couple of instrumentals on the CD that I especially like. They're not country. More like country surf, or something. They'd have been monster hits back in the early '60s. Maybe that's why I like 'em. Posted by Hello


Whit said...

I am very fond of the Cornell Hurd Band back to the day of Mondo Hotpants Orchestra. I was the road mgr./soundman for their very first tour of the midwest. Every now and then I get nostalgic for the lunacy that was MHO and need a fix Tankfully Cornell sent me the Return to the village of the durned CD and I eventually get over it.

Whit Lehnberg

Unknown said...

I don't think my son manages anything, and the band doesn't tour these days. They're still pretty good, though.