Monday, December 13, 2004

Night's Edge

Night's Edge is a collection of three "romantic suspense" novellas from Harlequin (Motto: We are romance). I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "So Crider's become a girly man now, reading romance novels in his dotage. Say it ain't so!"

OK, it's not so. The three novellas are by Maggie Shayne ( never read anything by her, but she's the Big Name in the collection), Barbara Hambly (I read Bride of the Rat God), and Charlaine Harris. I like Charlaine's work a lot, particularly the now sadly defunct Lily Bard series. And I like her vampire novels with Sookie Stackhouse. "Dancers in the Dark," her story in the collection, is set in the same world that Stackhouse inhabits, but it's about different characters. One of them is a battered (really battered) woman, and the others are assorted humans and vampires, all of them dancers who work for Blue Moon productions. They dance for parties, and, this being a romance novel, Layla, the heroine, falls for her vampire partner. I liked all the characters in the story, and there's plenty more to investigate about them and their interesting work. In fact if Charlaine had the inclination, she could begin a whole new series about these people. I'd read it.


Frank Denton said...

You should try one of Barbara Hambly's series about a free black man in New Orleans. Ben January is a doctor, took his training in France. Starts with A Free Man of Color. They're quite good, although sometimes a little slow.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

"A little slow"? I slogged my way through that morass and I get weary just thinking about it. I liked the premise and the character, but the details piled on each other so fast I was soon overwhelmed. Frank is a far more patient reader than I, so others may prefer to check these books out and make up their own minds.