Monday, September 06, 2004


I realized this morning that I've failed to report on my weekend in Thornton, Texas. That's mainly because when you spend a weekend in a town with a population of around 600 people, there's not a whole lot to report. I did get some reading done (see previous post), and I saw most of two movies: The Princess Bride and The Breakfast Club. I'd seen both of those before, but it had been a while.

I like The Princess Bride well enough, but I read the book when it first came out, and I like that a lot better. A wonderful book.

The Breakfast Club
surprised me. I liked it better than I did when I saw it nearly 20 years ago. A really good ensemble cast and some terrific moments. Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estivez, Ally Sheedy, and Anthony Michael Hall never did better than this, which is kind of sad when you think about it. To do something this good as a teenager and then never to live up to it must be a huge disappointment, not that they don't still have time to do something great.

And then there's the song. "Don't You Forget about Me" by Simple Minds is a classic. Perfect for the movie, too. I need to find an MP3 of that one Real Soon Now.


Mystery Dawg said...

Breakfast Club reminded me of my days in high school in the late 70's. This might explain why some 25 years later I became a principal. Did I learn anything?

Unknown said...

You'll have to compare yourself to the principal or whatever he was in the movie. I hope you didn't turn out quite like him.

Mystery Dawg said...

Nah, I made sure I was the opposite. I always remember all the fun I had when I was in school.